Your “Spend Down” Amount

When researching Medicaid, you may have heard the term “spend down” — but what does it mean? To be eligible for Medicaid to cover the cost of your nursing home or Medicaid at Home care, your remaining liquid assets must be below a certain dollar amount. To qualify for Medicaid, many people need to “spend down” their remaining assets until they get below that threshold. Unfortunately, Medicaid allows few uses of your remaining money other than paying for a nursing home or a funeral contract.

Medicaid4You, LLC has been approved by the State as an allowable “spend down” expense. 98% of our clients use their remaining funds to hire us.

What’s your spend down amount?

Below is a chart showing the maximum in liquid assets you’re allowed to have in order to be financially eligible for Medicaid. If your liquid assets exceed these figures, you’ll need to “spend down” on allowable services (like ours) until you reach your allowed maximum.


Single or surviving spouse
If there is a spouse at home ("community spouse")
$23,844 - $119,220


Single or surviving spouse
If there is a spouse at home ("community spouse")

A note for married couples:

If you are applying for Medicaid for one spouse while the other spouse stays "in the community" (outside of a nursing home or without the use of Medicaid at Home), you may be able to keep half of your assets. For an example of how this process works, please click here to view a case study.

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