Our Service

In 2009, Medicaid4You.com, LLC opened our doors to fill a demonstrated need—helping people in nursing homes apply for Medicaid benefits. Since we began, we have processed thousands of Medicaid applications, each in about half the time it takes an average applicant to apply for Medicaid without help.

We are one of the few organizations within the State of Connecticut offering this service.

Medicaid Application for Seniors in Nursing Homes in Connecticut.

We help our clients fill out Medicaid forms. We are the only organization within the State of Connecticut offering this service, and one of few doing the same in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

How Our Process Works

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  1. When you hire us, we assign a trained, dedicated Case Manager who will work with you to determine your Medicaid eligibility. This Case Manager will be available to you throughout the entire process of filing and submitting your Medicaid application.
  2. If you are eligible, your Case Manager will come to your home, the nursing home, or the location of your choice to help you assemble what you need to apply for Medicaid benefits. In a single two-hour session, your Case Manager will help you gather and scan all the necessary financial records and documentation. Your Case Manager will also help you order any documents you may be missing.
  3. Throughout the application process, your Case Manager will act as a Medicaid consultant, advising you about how to make decisions and providing you information about how you're allowed to use your assets to pay for your care. Your Case Manager will work with your attorney if needed.
  4. When your application is ready, your Case Manager will submit for Medicaid using our proprietary submission manual. Our custom program automatically delivers all the required materials to the right State departments. If needed, your Case Manager will deliver your application to the Department of Social Services, MassHealth, or Department of Health Services.
  5. If the State requires additional information from you, they'll contact us directly. We will work with the State and with you to gather what is needed and provide a fast turnaround. You will never need to deal with the Medicaid office yourself.
  6. Once all qualifications are met, we will obtain an approval from the State for your Medicaid benefits.

Our Case Managers are chosen based on their experience and compassion in working with the senior population. They will be available to you throughout the application and approval process, and can make appointments during night and weekend hours.

Ready to get started?

We would be happy to answer your Medicaid application questions.

Feel free to give us a call at 877-514-1102 or 860-657-3058 or fill out our contact form and a case worker will contact you shortly with some help.