Why Choose Us?

Medicaid Application for Seniors in Nursing Homes in Connecticut.

Medicaid4You, LLC can save you time, frustration, and money by handling the Medicaid application process for you. On average, we complete clients' applications in about half the time it would take for them to do it themselves. Clients at over 200 nursing homes throughout Connecticut can vouch for our services.

For more information on how Medicaid4You compares to getting help from other sources, view the handy chart below.

Medicaid4You Attorney Nursing Home
Acts as your liaison with the appropriate state department.
Saves you the hassle of dealing with State bureaucracy
Does not charge you based on total number of billable hours
Comes to your home or the location of your choice–on nights and weekends, if needed
Solicits banks, pension companies, and other financial service companies for statements and reports
Solicits life insurance companies for cash value
Saves you 50 hours or more in time spent collecting information and paperwork
Scans supporting documents for you (for no extra fee)
Uses a special submission manual developed with the State, that ensures timely and accurate delivery of documents to the right State departments
Guarantees the delivery of high-quality, thorough Medicaid applications
Assigns you a dedicated case manager who’s easy to contact
Is fully committed to one goal: helping people like you fill out and submit their Medicaid applications

We are 100% dedicated to just one goal:
Making the Medicaid Application for Seniors in Nursing Homes
in Connecticut process simple.

How to apply for medicaid in Connecticut?
Connecticut Title 19 Application