Seniors: Get help
applying for Medicaid

— Affordably

Affordable processing of Medicaid (Title 19) applications for Long Term Care made easy.

If you or someone you love is currently living in a nursing home facility or is about to enter one, it may be time to apply for Medicaid (Title 19) benefits. Gathering financial documents and filling out paperwork can require 25 to 50 hours of your time. After you turn in your application, the processing of your claim, including appeals, can take up to a year. If you're missing even a single item, you may lose your place in line, delaying your benefits by months.

Why Use Our Service?


Our compassionate, trained caseworkers will come to your home and will help guide you through the entire application process from start to finish -- ensuring you never have to deal with the Medicaid office directly and all the work.

Why Choose Us?


Our turnarounds are fast. In addition, our application service is an approved health care cost and can be used as part of the "spend down" of your remaining assets. By hiring us, you could actually qualify for Medicaid sooner.

How Our Process Works?


Our fee is a fraction of the cost of our competitors for the same service, and we never charge billable hours. No matter how long we work on your claim or how many site visits we make, the cost remains the same.

What is the Cost?

Medicaid4You can help - As recognized experts at processing Medicaid applications, we specialize in just one service — getting you the Medicaid benefits you need, in about half the time it would take for you to apply for Medicaid on your own.

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